Food, Cooking, and Romance

We all know the good old saying that the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What about women? Which woman wouldn’t feel the butterfly when she sees a man busy in the kitchen to fix her a nice warm meal? What can be a better form to express caring and love than this?

Cooking together enhances connection and strengthens bond in a natural yet profound way.

–“Honey, would you like it to be more or less sweet?” –so attentive…

–“A pinch of paprika brings up the smoky flavor”–so knowledgeable…

–“Here, try a little and tell me how you feel”–so sensual…

–“When I was little, my dad always made this for us”–so loving and tender…

–“Let’s add a new twist to the recipe and see how it turns out”–so exciting…

Men or women, we all have to eat. Why not turn this daily need into constant fuel to spice up our romantic life? Fortunately, the endless combinations of flavors offer the opportunity of a life-time seduction.

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