A Family Man?

One thing no one can afford to lose for keeping a family together, is a dinner table. An even more potent glue is to involve everyone in preparing a meal. Relationship to other family members can easily rock our romance, therefore the ability and effort to unite everyone should never be overlooked.

Chinese Dumpling—A Symbol of love, unity, and prosperity

When you ask a Northern Chinese, what is the staple dish for Chinese New Year’s Eve among all the ever-changing big family celebration feast year over year, the answer will definitely be DUMPLING. Yes, it almost seems to be mandatory to have dumplings on the New Year’s Eve dinner table at midnight.

There are many reasons to support dumplings as the New Year’s Eve tradition, amongst which two critical points stand out. One is that dumplings’ shape resembles the ingots once used as currency, bringing wealth in the new year. The other one is that making dumplings is a family activity, where everyone sits around the table, rolling wrappers and shaping dumplings, while talking and laughing together. Dumpling has become the symbol of family unity and prosperity.

What: Dumpling Making Party. We make dumplings family style together. We’ll make two kinds of fillings: meat, and vegetarian in two different shapes. We’ll eat our creations two ways: boiled and pan-fried. Of course, no Chinese flavored party can go without Chinese tea. This time, we’ll have authentic Chinese jasmine tea. The aroma floating around us will for sure put us in the mood for whatever we are praying for. A shot of Chinese alcohol, will pump us up for what’s coming next… After coming back to reality, you can throw your own dumpling party, have a dumpling night with your special one, or bring your homemade pot stickers to other gatherings and impress your friends!

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