Breakfast In Bed?

What’s better than sleeping in on a cozy Sunday? A breakfast in bed. There is nothing more seductive than waking up into the aroma of home baking. In that moment, you are the luckiest person on earth and nothing else matters.

An All-Day Seduction€”French Crepe

From French kiss to French perfume to French chocolate, the romantic flair that French people bring to the table is undeniable. Although numerous French dishes have gained worldwide popularity, few have made it onto the French Calendar—le jour des crepes, Crepe Day, which is February 2.

Families celebrate this moment with a meal of crepes together. This one staple has occupied all corners of France from restaurants to street vendors. Paris in particular boasts a street-side crepe vendor in every neighborhood. From dawn to dusk, from sweet to savory, this versatile super-thin pancake serves as an all-day seduction.

What: French Crepe Making Party. We’€™ll make from scratch two versions of French crepe, sweet and savory to fully appreciate this French national wonder. You’€™ll be surprised on how versatile and accommodating this delectable staple is. You can be totally creative with it once you grasp the basic technique. This little wonder is a powerful vehicle for you to express love and artistry! Accompanied by a sensational French drink, you’€™ll know why French is considered the most romantic nation in the world.

Be it breakfast in bed, a dinner date night, a delicious party, French crepes can cover it all. Join LoveMaze Event.

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