Ingenuity Attracts

This birthday, ditch the store bought cake. Show your ingenuity and care through this special hand crafted treat. It’ll knock everyone’s socks off and get you closer to that special someone!

Ice Cream + Cheesecake=Match Made In Heaven

Who doesn’t like ice cream? Who hasn’t heard of cheesecake? What happens if ice cream meets cheesecake? It’s match made in heaven. Adding a dollop of color and flavor, the strawberry topping consummates this one scrumptious wonder treat. It pleases both the eyes and the taste buds. It looks luxurious and sophisticated, but is easier to make than most other cakes. Better yet, it is freezer friendly so can conveniently serve all kinds of occasions from parties to a quiet date night, and guarantees a WOW!

What: Ice Cream Strawberry Cheesecake Making Party. Learn to make this scrumptious dessert from scratch. Sipping a glass of Champagne, venturing the garden of culinary art, you’ve just got a perfect escape from the summer heat. Still better, your joy continues. You will take home your own creation to impress whomever, family, friends, colleagues… They will look forward to your signature ice cream strawberry cheesecake at the next gatherings, and you will again be the highlight of the day!

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