Oh Chocolate, The Ultimate Romance

What is the most affectionate culinary element ever desired, and the gastronomic Helen of Troy? Yes, CHOCOLATE.

Between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago, cacao plants were first cultivated in Mesoamerica, southern Mexico, by the Olmec. Found to be an energy booster and mood enhancer, as well as providing long-lasting sustenance, chocolate drink had been believed to possess mystic qualities for strength and wellness. Legend has it that the ancient Aztec leader Montezuma II drank goblet after goblet of hot chocolate in a display of power and opulence, before entertaining his ladies each and every day.

Chocolate is as tempting to women as to men, as observed by Casanova, who knew how to charm the ladies with his secret sauce.

Chocolate’s magnetism seems to be more scientific than psychological, since chocolate contains stimulants similar to caffeine, and the euphoria-inducing compounds serotonin and phenylethylamine. Alas, healthy romance! Why not?

Now do you agree that chocolate, not diamonds, is a woman’s true best friend?

Chocolate Fondue Party. Chocolate Truffle Making. Chocolate Art. Anything chocolate and make it a bridge to each other’s heart.

Join the Chocolate movement. 

Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, the LoveMaze application provides singles with a powerful tool to identify the best potentials for a long term happy relationship.

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