Sushi Romance

Do the two of you have the same taste? Can you partner well for a new creation? Try a Sushi Romance test with the LoveMaze, and find the right partner from a group.

What is the best known Japanese dish all over the world? Sushi, of course! As a matter of fact, Sushi has transcended the normal meaning of food, becoming the staple of Japanese culture. In Japan, Sushi is considered to be an art form because its appearance is just as important as how it tastes. A perfect combination of the sea and the land, this delicate creature is burst with flavor and nutrition. It is rigid yet also flexible that you can pack your distinct creativity and zest into a piece of art. Wherever it is presented, a date night or a large party, it for sure raises the bar for a cultured taste.

Sushi Romance Party. No prior experience needed. After grasping the basic techniques, you’ll explore the creation of your own art of Sushi to express your inner charm. Satisfy your taste bud and find the right balance between the sea and the land that makes you “zing.” See who is the right match for you. Be prepared to pass that “zing” onto whomever you care for at the special occasion. A shot of sake will not only bring out the flavors from your creation, but also strike your creative nerves to push the envelope.

Join the LoveMaze, find your Stable Match. 

Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, the LoveMaze application provides singles with a powerful tool to identify the best potentials for a long term happy relationship.

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