Food Sensation

This gentle, versatile, fresh bite doesn’t often remind people of romance. But be careful of its innocent face, what’s hidden inside is a potent love potion.

Vietnamese Summer Roll

1) The main ingredients:

Mint. Considering mint to be warming to the body and a bit dangerous, the ancient Greeks named this herb for a notorious concubine, Minthe.

Shrimp. A famed aphrodisiac of the sea.

Imagine the enchantment this pairing of earth and sea should cause.

2) The look:

The vibrant color of green, pink, yellow, and red shine through the delicate semi-translucent smooth skin. What does that remind you? Youth and sensation.

3) The process:

Rolling it takes some practice. Once you’ve grasped the technique, you’ve earned a powerful weapon in your arsenal for love. Try to teach the “person of interest” how to roll it hand in hand. As your mingled fingers slide over the silky skin of the summer roll, the electricity you feel surely makes your practice worthwhile. Or just the mere fact that you can put together something so vibrant and radiant will certainly draw a big “wow!”

Vietnamese Summer Rolling Party. Let’s share a refreshing evening together, sipping drinks, and rolling up some fun. After learning the techniques, we will be paired up and each pair can create their very own version of the “sexy roll.” We will vote for the “sexiest roll” of the day and salute the winning pair of the creators. Of course, everyone and every pair will be inspired of their own very sexy roll.

Join the party, find your Stable Match. 

Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, the LoveMaze application provides singles with a powerful tool to identify the best potentials for a long term happy relationship.

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