Love Potion

Alcohol and romance go hand in hand. There is no argument against that, despite the warning from William Shakespeare that alcohol “provokes the desire but takes away the performance.”

Not all alcoholic drinks weigh equally on the scale of romance creation. Wine is widely acknowledged as aphrodisiac. There is scientific proof for this claim. The aromas of wine have been found to replicate human pheromones. Pheromones are the little receptors that communicate attraction to the brain. Champagne comes out as one of the top performers in provoking romantic feelings. Aided by some subtle combinations of aphrodisiac ingredients, some drinks can seriously enhance your odds for romance.

Sexy Cocktail Making Class: Let’s get together to explore the sea of sexy cocktails. We will be paired up, learn basic techniques and unique combinations from a professional, cheers to each other, and test the effect of our very own crafted “Love Potion.”

Join the party. Find your Stable Match. 

Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, the LoveMaze application provides singles with a powerful tool to identify the best potentials for a long term happy relationship.


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