Backed by scientific research and Nobel Prize winning Stable Matching theory, and as a social impact grant candidate, the LoveMaze Application provides individuals with a powerful tool to identify the winning mate for a long term happy relationship.

What differentiates LoveMaze is that instead of online texting, LoveMaze facilitates meetings and interactions through real life LoveMaze group events. Before events, attendees can see who else are coming, the CQ (Compatibility Quotient) scores with one another, and can invite others on a virtual date. At the events, singles are matched based on LoveMaze’s proprietary algorithm, and partnered up to do activities together to sense the connection. Guided activities are aimed at putting attendees in a natural state so they can be themselves freely. Attendees can get multiple partners to experience before their optimal match emerges as a result.

LoveMaze Application is a break through in dating and building relationship effectively.

Stable Matching: Both of us can’t be better off with others than each other.

CQ: Compatibility Quotient. A CQ score represents the compatibility between two people in comparison to the general population. 

Enter the LoveMaze, become a maze runner, pick up keys and tools, finish tasks with different partners (online dates + real life events), detect connections, find the optimal match in each event, eventually reach your stable match to win a happy life together!

Check out LoveMaze Party Album and become part of the memory.